1. Introduce yourself!

I'm Pamela and I am ZeroLight's new marketing intern.

2. What's your background?

I've come to ZeroLight after a slightly alternative gap year following graduation. I didn't travel very far; I spent my year doing voluntary work in Sunderland, working in the community in various projects. Prior to that, I studied at Newcastle University and did quite a few bits of work experience internationally and locally during my studies.

3. Why ZeroLight? What attracted you to the company and/or this specific intern role?

I first heard about ZeroLight during a stint of work experience whilst at university. I was intrigued by the company's international outlook. As a former student of international politics and languages, this was a key factor in choosing a place to work. The fact that ZeroLight works with world-famous automotive brands was really attractive to me. During my time at university I spent quite a lot of time working in transport and technology sectors and working for ZeroLight, I feel, combines those two interests.

4. Describe your typical day-to-day?

So far I have been doing quite a bit of research, supporting team members with relevant facts and statistics for presentations at various events. As well as that, I've taken over the daily running of some of the social media, so it's been a case of getting to grips with the right tone as well as with the exact nature of the business and communicating that in 140 characters. Other than that, there's usually something interesting happening, whether it's interesting and sometimes random conversations with colleagues in the office or the staff area on the terrace, or being the demo team's guinea pig for the umpteenth time (which is rather enjoyable).

5. What stands out as the most exciting thing you're working on?

The most exciting thing I'm currently working on is contributing to the Life at ZeroLight blog. I really enjoy reading the blog, even before I started working here it was something that I quite enjoyed because it gives a glimpse of what happens at ZeroLight. My favourite section is Meet the Team where we chat to different colleagues, but I also enjoy the Travel and Events section because I enjoy hearing about all the cool places that colleagues have been to and what they learnt and did while they were there.

6. What project or task are you most looking forward to?

I'm most looking forward to helping to organise an event. I think that getting involved with what it will be about, organising it and getting the right audience there will be a challenge, but one that I relish. I think that ZeroLight will live up to the company's reputation and I would feel proud of helping to achieve that.

7. What's the culture like here?

Socially, ZeroLight is really relaxed, my favourite thing about it is that at lunch you never have to sit alone awkwardly like at school. No matter what time you choose to take your lunch, there will always be people on the Terrace and everyone is happy for you to join their table and contribute to whatever conversation is happening at the time. Everybody is really friendly and they all want to know how I'm finding work so far which is great. That said, it's not all play at ZeroLight, there's a lot of work to be done, but at least we have a bit of banter along the way.

8. What new skills have you developed/are you developing?

After an entire year away from academia and the professional work, I've been sharpening my skills in skim reading and condensing my thoughts down to something more concise. I've also been developing social media skills, parity with regard to analytics, and using that, in a concerted way, to achieve better engagement. Other than that, I've also developed the skill of walking through cars, or more precisely, not feeling weird when walking through a car in VR.