Introduce yourself
I'm Bunty and I am ZeroLight's new Associate Commercial Director.

What's your background?
My background has been an adventurous one. I have always been a keen traveller and make it a goal to explore a new country each year. Besides having experienced the vast cultural differences that India and China have to offer in the last few years, my first professional experience came about on my third-year placement working as an Employer Relations Coordinator for Northeastern University in Boston, MA. The year I spent working and travelling in the States helped me grasp what I would've liked or disliked in a job after graduating and personally, fell in love with being in a front facing, challenging, and constantly-changing environment. Landing a spot and having completed one of the UK's most prestigious graduate programs in Insurance broking at Arthur J. Gallagher, I now join ZeroLight to help nurture existing business relationships and further expand the company's fast growing portfolio already consisting of the likes of Audi, Pagani and Toyota.

Why ZeroLight? What attracted you to the company?
Having worked with various start-ups during my time in America, I always knew that I wanted to join a dynamic company where I would get the opportunity to be part of a team that's at the core of all commercial decision making. ZeroLight was a company I'd followed for a while, not simply because I wanted to work for them but because of how their technology, vision and potential was making waves in the tech and automobile industries. I have always been very into cars and like to think I'm tech savvy. Combing these personal interests with my degree in business and finance and my professional experience, I eagerly expressed my interest to join.

Describe your typical day?
My typical day is spent working very closely with the CEO, shadowing him on business calls and meetings. I have already started managing client communication and slowly becoming the company's first point of contact when it comes to our partners and car manufacturers. I am also responsible for implementing Salesforce into the business's core functions over the next few months and therefore actively developing and working on innovative ways to track and report sales activity. Moreover, I have been lucky enough to be brought into the company at a time when we've just started a number of new and significant commercial initiatives. It's great to become a key part of such projects from the outset, acting as the primary point of contact.

What stands out as the most exciting thing you are working on?
It is brilliant to be working with leading businesses like Audi, Pagani and Toyota on a daily basis, discussing and delivering new technologies that are at the forefront of the industry. Having attended VR/AR World in London this past week and blown everyone away with ZeroLight's VR capabilities, I also cannot wait to be on the road again to show off our tech and generate leads. On the other hand, I can also see the scalable benefits Salesforce will bring to the company. I guess you could say it's hard to pick just one thing that I'm excited about.

What's the culture like here?
The culture at ZeroLight is very much what you would expect at a savvy new tech start up. Having recently moved into an amazing new office space, we've been lucky to have a well kitted out recreation area with pool/table tennis tables, free snacks, drinks, and fruits that are brought in fresh daily. The whole office gets on really well together, there's a strong sense of community giving a family-like culture.

What new skills have you developed / are you developing?
In my first three weeks here, I've already learned a great deal about the tech and automobile industries. It's eye opening how different working in tech is than when you simply keep up with news and new developments. My experience at Northeastern and Gallagher's has contributed to my comfort and confidence in managing the new challenges the job has presented when it comes to working with key clients on large projects, but there is so much more to learn and so many more ways to contribute as I find my feet. Additionally, working so closely with the CEO and being exposed to everything he does on a daily basis and how he conducts business is crucial to this process and me becoming a valuable part of the business as it continues to grow.