We're firm believers in showcasing potential careers to students by giving them a hands-on taster of the job at ZeroLight, and over the last two weeks that's exactly what we've been doing in the studio.

Earlier this year Talent Development Manager Erin and Test Manager Daniel made it their mission to promote QA to more individuals as a great tech career path. We kicked this off with an event aimed at 14-16 year olds at ZeroLight last week, where we presented testing as a potential career for them to consider. Our friends at NE1 were instrumental in helping us deliver a great new event to showcase the skills needed to become a successful tester.

A roster of activities was put together to get the students thinking in a more analytical and methodical way and we were delighted that testers from Virgin Money and Scott Logic came along to present these. Virgin Money showcased their brilliant paper airplane activity, that saw the students trying to make the planes without instructions and then with, before getting to fly the finished plane across our Live Room in an exciting competition. Scott Logic had the students make Lego robots and bugs to set specifications, duplicating a client brief to show the group how projects need to be put together following pre-set guidelines and it's the role of QA to ensure that the product meets these at every stage.

Finally ZeroLight had students work on a VR Spot the Difference task looking at two different versions of our Bamburgh beach environment to find defects. Students worked side by side in VR in the two environments with support from the rest of the group who monitored the screens to guide them to the faults.

The activities all featured systematic thinking - whether that be working with paper, Lego or technology - the approach was always the same. Students had to use problem solving skills and hone their attention to detail to make sure they completed each task. Daniel also gave a talk about what skills they could develop now to move into QA as a career and we finished with pizza on our terrace, giving the students a chance to ask our QA teams questions.

This week we also took the opportunity to host a Ministry of Testing meet up at ZeroLight. This group meets monthly and invites testers from around the region to get together for informal presentations and networking. Lots of companies were represented at the meet up and it really brings home the diverse range of testing needs that North East tech companies require. The popularity of meet ups like this one show that testing is a thriving technical career that should be represented more to school and college students alike. Hopefully with regular school events like the recent student visit, ZeroLight is starting to address this in a new and exciting way.