As ZeroLight grows from a start-up to a SME and with our client base growing, we need to look at scaling areas of the business. As QA Director, I am tasked with identifying areas of the QA process that can scaled upwards and outwards to ensure quality increases as we move forward. So how do we do that...

1. Automate, automate, automate

We have some automated tests, and they do a job, but as our client base and clients' needs grow, our automation test coverage needs to grow in sync. This is not just in terms of the numbers but also the tests should be run continuously and smarter, the right tests at the right time.

So why do we need automation?

So, here is a typical scenario we deal with every day: We are delivering a 3D web configurator to a client and it must be compatible with current version of Chrome, Firefox and Safari on most recent versions of Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and iPadOS where applicable. 2 of those browsers works on Windows and Android. 3 on Mac, iOS and IPadOS. If a relatively simple test takes 10 minutes to execute, that gives 2 hours 10 mins to complete the suite. Now throw in additional browsers, additional versions of existing Browsers and additional versions of operating system as well as additional tests. Now you are looking at days or even weeks to complete a cycle. Automation gives us the power to run these types of tests in minutes and allows the team to concentrate on what ZeroLight are all about, creating amazing visualisations and brings us to point 2!

2. Testing Squads

It cannot be all about automation, the QA team are skilled people with an amazing eye for detail that automation cannot replace. Could you spot the bugs in these images?

In order to increase QA efficiency, how we work on client projects is also going to be key going forward. Since we have a multitude of projects in play or coming to fruition we now operate in "Testing Squads". This means we have various QA engineers who have specific skillsets who need to be involved in a project from its initiation:

3. Recruiting the best

To supplement above, we need to recruit the best QA talent. That is why we currently have a number of QA roles available at ZeroLight, so please get in touch if you require further information by emailing [email protected].