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Was ist SpotLight?

SpotLight Suite™ is an agile, cloud-based platform that makes the creation, production, and on-demand personalisation of a range of bespoke media assets faster, easier, and cheaper.

Einfache Apps für Outputs mit Pfiff

SpotLight’s suite of easy-to-use online apps offer a range of visual content-production and data-analysis functions. These apps are designed to enhance the sales and marketing performance of automotive brands, agencies, and dealers.

Bespoke Suite: Personalisiertes Verkaufsmaterial

Produce template-based personalised sales and marketing content to showcase a customer’s exact car configuration.

Creative Suite: Mediengestaltungstools

Produce high-quality images in a variety of formats for use in digital signage, digital marketing, and mobile VR.

Wisdom Suite: Datenerkenntnisse u. Personalisierung

Produce meaningful insights on customer preferences based on their interactions with ZeroLight’s online configurator solutions, enabling on-demand personalisation of sales experiences and content.

Admin Suite: User Managment

Organise SpotLight users, teams, credits, and licenses in via three simple apps.



Produce template-based personalised sales and marketing content to showcase a customer’s exact car configuration.

  • Bespoke Brochure

  • Bespoke Video

  • Bespoke AR

  • Bespoke Gallery

Erstellung personalisierter Broschüren

The Bespoke BROCHURE app provides a fast, simple way to generate personalised digital brochures. These interactive, web-based brochures enable customers to explore and learn more about their configured car through a range of engaging features and high-quality visual content.

Personalisierte Kundenbroschüren erstellen

The Bespoke BROCHURE app interface provides a one-click method of creating a personalised digital brochure for a customer. The app integrates with product code or product short-code systems and automatically generates and hosts the site on a private URL ready for sharing with the customer.

Erstellung personalisierter Videos

The Bespoke VIDEO app allows users to create high-quality videos of a car in any configuration set in a photorealistic virtual environment. This engaging, dynamic content can be produced in a range of resolutions, making it suitable for any digital signage, digital marketing, or 1-1 sales experiences.

Producing Personalised Videos With Bespoke Video

Users choose from a selection of camera sequences for their video. Each of these sequences is uploaded and pre-approved centrally by the brand’s head office, ensuring consistency and quality while giving the user the agility to quickly create a video for any car configuration.

Personalised AR Model Production

Bespoke AR allows agencies and marketing teams to create a digital twin model of a car. This model can be used in a wide variety of AR experiences, including those powered by ARKit, ARCore, and SnapAR, making it easy for users to harness one of the most engaging and creative platforms available.

Producing Personalised AR Models

Users are able to create a unique AR model for a specific car configuration or a batch of AR models with different configurations. These models can be produced in a range of formats, including USDZ, GITF, and ZeroLight’s proxy model. If using the proxy model, the user is able to define a number of animations and actions, enabling the customer to drive the car, open the doors, and turn the wheels in AR.

Personalised Picture Pack Production

Bespoke GALLERY enables agencies and marketing teams to create batches of images and picture packs to showcase a customer’s configured car. Users can create a predefined set of picture packs containing as many images as they need. These can be used for advertising campaigns, customer mail outs, website content, or even to inspect the design of a car.

Producing Personalised Picture Packs

Each pack template is designed and approved centrally by the brand’s head office. Regional or agency teams can then create batches within that pack with the freedom to change only the car. This enables them to create personalised content on demand without any compromise on consistency or compliancy with brand guidelines.

Bespoke Gallery


Produce high-quality images in a variety of formats for use in digital signage, digital marketing, and mobile VR.

  • Shutter

  • Shutter Pro

  • Sphere

  • Scene

Simple Image Production

Shutter is SpotLight’s simple image-production package. It enables every user, regardless of ability or experience, to quickly and freely create high-quality image content for their sales and marketing activity. These images can be rendered either individually or in large, repeatable batches.

Producing Images

After selecting their preferred vehicle, configuration, and virtual environment, users can control the vehicle’s position and rotation and adjust the camera angle and field of view. They can then output the image in a range of sizes and formats either as an individual Quick Shot or as part of a large, repeatable Multi Shot batch.

Verbesserte Bilderstellung

Shutter PRO enables enhanced image production through a set of advanced render effects, layers, and options, which maximise image quality and creative freedom while keeping the simple-to-use interface.

Producing Enhanced Images

Shutter PRO features additional effects to those available in Shutter, including render effects (chromatic aberration, bloom, IBL and reflection adjustment, contrast enhance, depth of field, motion blur, tone mapping, and lens effect), Render Layers (reflection, specular, diffuse, ambient occlusion, shadow, beauty), and Render Options (anti-aliasing quality, ray-traced reflections, background options).


Sphere provides an accessible way to create immersive content for experiential and social media campaigns. It produces high-quality 360° images suitable for use on touchpoints like Facebook 360 Photos and mobile virtual-reality devices, like the Oculus Quest.

Producing 360° Images

Sphere’s interface allows the user to combine scene set-up options for product codes, animation states, and environment selection with ready-to-use camera setups for both cubemaps and 3D stereoscopic images, with minimised stitching for a clear perception of depth.

Environment Backplate Production

Scene is used by designers at agencies and brands to import existing backplates and HDR domes into SpotLight. This gives users the ability to create hyper-realistic imagery in any virtual environment without the use of a 3rd-party image editing platform, making professional visual content production faster, easier, and cheaper than traditional methods.

Producing Environment Backplates

The backplates are uploaded by the brand’s head office design team. During this process, they have the option to customise and optimise elements like lighting, reflections, and HDR dome positioning. Once uploaded, this backplate is available for use by all users in other SpotLight apps like Bespoke GALLERY or Shutter, enabling the brand to control the environments used in all marketing material.



Produce meaningful insights on customer preferences based on their interactions with ZeroLight’s online configurator solutions, enabling on-demand personalisation of sales experiences and content.

  • Wisdom Dash

  • Wisdom Focus

Aggregated Customer Data Insights

Wisdom DASH provides an accessible way to view and understand the varied and valuable customer interaction and behaviour data collected from ZeroLight’s online configurator solutions. It enables brands, agencies, and dealers to make data-driven decisions based on insights into customer behaviour and preferences, like the most popular interactions and configuration options.

Producing Aggregated Customer Data Insights

Recording data up to 10 times per second, ZeroLight’s configurator solutions collect and store billions of anonymous customer-interaction data points in a secure data lake. The Wisdom DASH interface allows users to build API-based queries that extract and feed aggregated information from this data lake into 3rd-party analytics and CRM platforms to inform sales, marketing, design, and product decisions.

Individual Customer Data Insights

Wisdom FOCUS uses enables dealers to use behavioural data from specific user sessions to better understand their customers. This gives brands, agencies, and dealers the detailed information they need to deliver personalised interactions that are tailored to an individual customer’s needs.

Producing Individual Customer Data Insights

Wisdom FOCUS gives users the ability to query and access behaviour and interaction data from a specific customer session. This gives users the ability to deliver highly personalised suggestions by analysing each configuration or environment change and seeing which part of the car the customer spent the longest configuring. To make this information as accessible as possible, it can be fed directly into 3rd-party CRM platforms via API-based queries.


Admin Suite

Organise SpotLight users, teams, credits, and licenses in via three simple apps.

  • Admin Users

  • Admin Credits

  • Admin Licences

Manage User Accounts

Admin USERS is the app that enables admin users to create, manage, or delete user accounts. They can also use this app to manage teams of users by editing team privileges, adding or removing users from a team, or assigning users to roles within a team.

Manage User Credits

Each SpotLight order costs a certain number of credits, which are assigned to teams of users. Admin CREDITS enables admins to manage the credits available for each team. They can use this app to transfer credits between different teams or access the history of what has been produced by each team.

Manage User Licences

Admin LICENCES enables admins to manage existing licenses for apps or concurrent users. They can use this app to add or edit licenses or transfer them between users or teams



Integrate SpotLight functions into a range of platforms and front-end solutions via an agile set of APIs

  • API

Agile API

Users of SpotLight can access many of the platform’s apps via simple APIs. This enables them to integrate SpotLight’s content-production functions into front-end solutions or feed Wisdom data directly into their 3rd-party CRM or analytics platforms.

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