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Personalised Customer Brochures and Mood Boards

The personalised customer brochure and mood board solution works both online and in-store to empower OEMs and dealers to create personalised takeaways of a customer's configured car. The physical or digital takeaway extends the customer's engagement with the brand beyond the website or dealership, adding to the excitement and experience of the car buying process.

The solution is utilised by Pagani as part of their unique customer journey and it is also live in Audi showrooms and Audi City locations as part of their car configuration experience.

The Technology
A two stage process allows any online or in-store ZeroLight solution to offer personalised brochures or mood boards to customers as part of their configuration experience.

The first stage of the process uses Live Shot technology to automatically create high fidelity images of the customised car from pre-set cameras in the live 3D scene, allowing the system to capture and store the image with a variety of automated post processing effects to ensure the highest visual fidelity. The second stage places these images into a pre-designed template and compiles the final document ready for viewing, printing, emailing or sharing.

Leave the store with a personalised take away
A typical use case for a personalised customer brochure or mood board is to provide customers with a copy as part of their in-store journey, allowing them to take the visuals and details of their new car home after their visit. Provided digitally or as a printed document, it creates extended engagement with the brand and car and adds to the excitement and service around the car buying process.

Share engaging social content
The same solution can be used with ZeroLight's cloud-powered online configurator solutions, allowing website users to create and download personalised brochures/moodboards to view at home, download or share on social networks. As well as additional engagement with the car and brand after the end of the configuration session, it generates social reach which in turn drives more awareness and traffic to the online configurator.

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