Last week ZeroLight played host to the 2nd North East Unity User Group, inviting students, professionals and enthusiasts to our new Quayside studio for presentations, festive snacks and VR demos.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Olly Nicholson from Unity, who gave a great technical talk to the audience on the latest Unity features followed by our own Matt Thomson who spoke about his experiences developing for VR within the ZeroLight Tech Team. This was followed by a VR panel where Olly & Matt were joined by Shaun Allan from Vector76, fielding questions on the future of both AR and VR, particularly regarding future developments in both these areas from Unity. ZeroLight then showcased its own VR technology with an HTC Vive demo, followed by networking with beers and mince pies.

It's great to see the Unity community of the North East coming together as word spreads about the User Group. The aim is to hold a quarterly meet-up hosted by various North East companies with updates and technical talks from Unity themselves as well as input from those companies that are utilising Unity within their work - which can be as diverse as banking to gaming. The User Group will support best practice and knowledge sharing across industries, bringing together developers already working in Unity roles whilst supporting students and enthusiasts seeking to break into the tech industry.

You can find out more about the User Group on Facebook