We held our annual Talent Recognition Awards at the end of last year, as part of our Christmas celebration event at Blackfriars Restaurant and The Living Room Bar.

These awards recognise those members of staff who've shown enormous drive and passion throughout the year, each embodying one of our four central values of Quality First, Market Focus, Collaboration and Innovation.

The awards process see's staff nominate their colleagues for each value in the weeks running up to Christmas, identifying those whose performance they believe has been exceptional. A shortlist of team members for each category is then put forward to a company-wide vote to find each of our four winners.

Our Quality First Award recognised the brilliant work of our IT Manager Michael, who managed this year to pull off the massive task of moving our 70 plus Newcastle workforce to our brand-new studio on the Quayside with no development downtime.

The winner of our Market Focus Award was a popular choice - our Senior Software Engineer who specialises in developing and showcasing our commercial demos, Ian Downing. Presenting demos to clients and partners across the world means that Ian is really at the forefront of our market.

The Collaboration Award was a closely fought contest with a number of staff from our Tech, Operations and Marketing Teams tied for 2nd and 3rd place. The eventual winner was our Associate Marketing Director Joe Artgole, who collaborates tirelessly both across the company and with clients and partners.

Finally, our Innovation Award was again closely fought between our Tech and Development Teams. Tech took home the trophy last year but this year our winner was Software Engineer Matt Thorpe from the Audi Development Team. Matt's technical work and creative ideas were singled out by his colleagues as being truly innovative in 2016.