I'm delighted to announce the launch of our new Internship Program this week. Whilst we've always taken on graduates at ZeroLight, our new Program will also include pathways for placement students, short term internships and non-university students looking to break into the commercial technology world.

Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the tech sector. Many of our current employees joined as placement students or graduates and have gone on to achieve great success within the company. We want to harness this knowledge and pass it onto the next generation of talent.

The Program will feature structured 12 month streams for graduates and placement students as well as summer and short term internships. Students will have the opportunity to work with ZeroLight's impressive portfolio of clients such as Audi, Toyota and Pagani whilst also partnering with some of the world's biggest technology companies like Unity and NVIDIA.

Over the coming weeks the Life @ ZeroLight blog I'll be featuring a series of posts on what we're looking for from students competing for a place on the Internship Program, focusing on the disciplines that we're seeking to recruit as well as the values that we want to see from individuals at interview stages.

Until then, if you'd like more information on the program you can contact us on [email protected] and don't forget to Like our Life @ ZeroLight page on Facebook for the latest news and information!