This week at ZeroLight, we hosted the bi-monthly Digital Union Breakfast Networking Event on our Quayside Terrace. The event this month focused on Workplace Wellbeing and Team Culture, with talks from a range of companies including our Talent Development Manager, Erin.

Erin began the talks for the morning by speaking about ZeroLight's own wellbeing initiative ZLWell. She spoke about her research before launching the initiative, and how we adapted such an important policy to fit our own employees and work culture. She explained ZLWell's four main pillars and what each entailed, including an Employee Assistance Programme, sporting activities, social events and charitable opportunities for our staff.

Next up was Jayne from HR Department, who gave some great advice on approaching a wellbeing initiative. Jayne spoke about how to engage with staff from the start of their employment, and how to spot when someone's mental health might be suffering at work.

Alison from Reynolds HR gave her experience in launching different schemes to help the wellbeing of their staff, and how different factors around a company can have a huge impact on how the schemes are received by employees.

To finish the event we had Steph from Ouseburn Farm give a talk about how much individuals can benefit from spending time in a community farm, and the positive impact it has had on members and volunteers of Ouseburn farm itself. She stressed the need to provide opportunities for employees with something that engages their senses every day, whether it's through exercise, plants or walks around the office.

The morning was a great success, with a lot on insight into the different ways we can help our employees wellbeing as a company. Thank you to Digital Union for letting us host the breakfast and to all the speakers of the event!