We've been using React at ZeroLight for over four years to build a diverse range of products and services, from simple static documentation sites to fully-fledged Software as a Service (Saas) platforms.

Why React?

React makes it easy to create modular, composable and scalable components while also being relatively simple to pick up and maintain. Its singular focus on the view lifecycle also makes integrating with different styling and data APIs seamless. This coupled with the addition of hooks to the React lifecycle has allowed us to create simple yet robust functional components and libraries.

These features combined with its support for dynamic client-side Single Page Applications (SPAs), Isomorphic applications, native mobile applications and static Server Side Rendered (SSR) websites ensure that it can be used company-wide for any use case.


SpotLight, our cloud-based visual content production and personalisation SaaS platform utilises React, Apollo GraphQL and Styled Components to provide specialist automotive assets at scale via a suite of applications powered by a Node.js MongoDB backend.

Shutter, an application for enhanced image production uses dynamic API driven components to provide in-depth customisation of vehicles with controls for advanced render effects, layers and camera positioning.

Bespoke Brochure, an application for creating interactive web brochures utilises dynamic schema driven client-side React components to deliver unique brochure sites for customers.

SpotLight's documentation uses the JAM stack framework, Gatsby, to generate detailed and performant web pages using automated and manual techniques.

The SpotLight API also offers a service for creating bespoke print-ready PDF brochures driven by SSR React components.

Cadillac Brochures

Our live configurable brochures for Cadillac provide new and engaging mediums to showcase the many features available in Cadillac's new fleet.

Using a cutting edge stack composed of TypeScript, React, Styled System and Emotion we have been able to develop robust, immersive and highly customisable brochures. Features including panoramic images generated via SpotLight and seamless live-updating videos have been created using bespoke React components. Storybook, a tool for developing UI components has enabled us to rapidly prototype and develop components in isolation from any specific brochure. This has aided in the creation of an adaptable UI library specifically geared towards Cadillac brochures while also allowing us to combine detailed documentation directly alongside components using MDX.

The Future

Going forward we will continue to integrate React into more of our services and products. Tools including Cypress and Playwright will enable us to easily integrate more automated behavioural component tests into our pipeline.


React has been an indispensable tool to ZeroLight, enabling us to widen our ever-expanding portfolio, if you'd like to be part of the team we're currently hiring experienced React and Full Stack developers to work on a wide range of our web projects.