Data Reader

Leverage existing models with ZeroLight solutions.

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Data Reader makes your 3D product models available to use in ZeroLight solutions for quicker, more efficient project delivery.

  • Efficiency - Removes the duplicate effort of asset silos
  • Consistency - Creates visual consistency across channels
  • Omnichannel Ready - Asset is unlocked for use with all ZeroLight solutions

Using Data Reader

Data Reader creates a multi-use real-time asset for ZeroLight’s Omnichannel solution from your existing marketing-ready models. Your existing data process and other uses for your data remain unchanged.

Digital pipeline for cars


Learn more about our Data Reader and Rules Engine projects

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Data Reader supports formats commonly created within the automotive industry and can be adapted to support additional formats used in other sectors too. While some data formats are more beneficial to the Data Reader process than others, any product data can speed up the creation of a ZeroLight-ready asset; contact us to arrange a data check and find out.
We offer a free data check service which assesses your current product data for compatibility with Data Reader. Following this we can collaborate with your data teams to enable the use of Data Reader, making your models automatically available for use with ZeroLight solutions. To get started contact us to arrange a data check.
Yes. Data Reader can be used to enable the use of your existing configuration logic and rules data in ZeroLight solutions. In cases where configuration data is missing or unavailable, ZeroLight has an in-house rules and configuration engine that can be used.
Once a data pipeline with existing data formats has been established, then models can be available for use across the omnichannel of ZeroLight solutions in 5 days or less.


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