There's more to our talented team than tech! Since two of our new recruits, Andrew and Helton, have turned out to be a pair of musical maestros, we're taking a look back through ZeroLight's illustrious history in the world of music.

Andrew, Associate Software Engineer
In the 13 years since his uncle handed him his first guitar, Andrew's been hooked! Starting off with a hand-me-down acoustic with a warped neck, he's built up an enviable selection of guitars. Using his arsenal of instruments, he became a session guitarist, learning to adapt his style to virtually any genre to help loads of solo artists and vocalists record their EPs from a studio in Stockton.

When writing his own songs, he likes to mix it up and play a variety of styles. But, since joining our Graduate Program, he's been working a lot more with his acoustic, partly because he's doing a lot of solo stuff, but mostly because he doesn't want to deafen his new neighbours!

Helton, Senior Motion Graphics Designer
The newest member of our Marketing team isn't just a whizz with graphics: he's also a talented drummer! Playing for 9 years from the ages of 15-24 in his native Brazil (and briefly in The Netherlands), Helton had a break from performing while living in Spain. After returning to São Paulo, he picked up the sticks again for two more years until coming over to Newcastle to join our team, and he's itching to start playing again!

Enjoying music in almost any form, Helton's been a member of a number of bands over the years, playing mainly rock and alternative music, like this cover of Why Does It Always Rain On Me? by Travis.

Darren, CEO
Yep, even our CEO has graced the stage!
A trained classical guitarist, Darren's been experimenting with guitars and piano from the tender age of 8. His classical training went out the window at 14, though, when he was corrupted by the blues after seeing Jimmy Nail and The King Crabs at a pub in Gateshead; there was nothing else for him from that moment on!

Darren's love for music has seen him join a number of bands over the years. But, after a number of years studying and working around the country, he made his glorious return to the North East and joined one with none other than our very own Studio Art Director, Mark!

Mark, Studio Art Director
Two months before Darren moved back up North, an exasperated colleague thrust Mark in front of his first ever drumkit at a pub in Houghton Le Spring in an effort to stop his constant desk-tapping. The rest, as they say, is history! A natural with the sticks, Mark started gigging after only 6 months of lessons, and with Darren now on board, Bosstak was born! Touring the many glitzy venues of the North East, Darren, Mark, and co. played a variety of R&B and soul tunes to their loyal fans.

In the years since the group parted ways, Darren has still been performing - including at one memorable evening at The Sage in Gateshead alongside a band of big names from the games industry - while Mark has had a 20-year hiatus from the drums.

But, with Helton and Andrew bringing fresh musicality to Live Works and Mark recently rekindling his love for the drums, could a ZeroLight band be on the cards? If only we knew someone who could sing…