Visualisation specialists ZeroLight's relocation to new facilities on the Newcastle Quayside has been met with a visit from renowned contemporary artist Joao Carlos Pereira. Pereira's attendance was in tandem with the installation of his recent work, ‘Braveheart,' a steampunk, heart shaped sculpture comprised of antique instruments, industrial machinery, electrical components, metals and mixed media.

The emotive symbol of a heart includes parts derived from past generations of innovation and software engineering, which resonates with ZeroLight's employees that hold strong development backgrounds. The heart shape reflects the sentiment of personalisation technology, allowing consumers to realise their preference on products, driving the change from a product-centric to customer-centric approach. The piece is located in the centre wall of ZeroLight's main reception area in the new Live Works building.

Braveheart was on display in the Art Embassy, Lisbon where it was spotted by CEO Darren Jobling. Joao's primary influence is to give a new life to old pieces, repurposing unassociated items and combining them to give new context. A familiar theme is the use of old car parts to create sculptures and lighting. ‘Braveheart' is Joao's first piece sold in the UK and follows exhibits and installations in over 30 European sites.