It's an exciting time within the Technology Team at ZeroLight as we embark on a recruitment drive which focuses on three specialist roles - Tools Engineer, Graphics Engineer and a Senior Software Engineer with expertise in Optimisation.

As our project and client base continues to grow, we require more technology to automate and improve our development and software testing processes. The Tools Engineer role in particular provides a key link between our development and art teams, allowing them to create amazing virtual environments and vehicles with ease, whilst ensuring our testing systems meet the highest standards.

Our open Graphics Engineer position focuses on inventing, optimising and manipulating techniques typically used in games, cinema and visualisation, to ensure we are continually producing best-in-class visual representations of real world objects. We excel in this area, delivering superior, market leading real-time graphical quality to create a compelling experience. It's a super-exciting challenge for a graphics specialist, providing the opportunity to work with new hardware every day - whether that be a top end GPU, CPU with more cores or a prototype VR headset to integrate.

The Optimisation role is a new opportunity, requiring the knowledge to draw every last drop of computation power out of the hardware we use. Optimisation of our products on both GPU and CPU is essential to achieving the fantastic results that ZeroLight is known for, with others struggling to reach a similar standard. Ideally we're keen to find someone with experience in tracking down bottlenecks and thinking up ingenious ways to refactor select features to produce the same quality for a lower computation cost.

Our Tech Director Chris O'Connor says: "We're looking to expand the team to help create the next generation of real-time graphics to bridge the gap between reality and the virtual world."

As well as Chris, the Tech Team consists of four graphics and tools specialists, as well as a new graduate from Teesside University learning the ropes in our specialist technology. They're the team at the forefront of working with and producing cutting edge tech.

You can find further details on all three positions at