Introduce yourself
I'm Dan and I am Zerolight's new Web Engineer.

What did you do before coming to ZeroLight?
I recently graduated from Plymouth University where I completed my degree in Computing & Games Development. Upon finishing my studies, I was lucky enough to work in an American summer camp where I had the opportunity to work alongside people from all around the world and travel across the country taking part in life changing adventures.

What attracted you to ZeroLight?
Being a recent graduate it is important to stay on top of the latest technology and find out how it is being used. During my search, I came across ZeroLight. Not only were they using technology I was familiar with but producing results I wasn't even sure were possible. This of course drew me in and gave me the want to know more. There aren't many companies in the UK or the world that can offer the chance to learn and develop with some of the leading tech, in a relaxed environment that encourages new ideas from every corner of the office.

What does your role involve?
I work within the Marketing Team where we test new and exciting ideas, whilst keeping in the loop with client projects, international events and much more. My role involves working alongside several teams within the company to allow solid collaboration of tech and marketing in the hope of creating even more powerful and interesting products in the future.

What is the best thing about your role and what are you most looking forward to?
Being able to work with all the technology we offer at ZeroLight is truly amazing. Seeing how we can utilise it all in different ways to target similar or completely new areas of the market. I am looking forward to the future products created here and how they can be used to further enhance the ZeroLight experience.

What's the culture like here?
ZeroLight has all the perks of being a start-up company but in a world-class office that allows everyone to work in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you want to chill upstairs with a snack and drink, get a little competitive playing pool or table tennis or simply sit out on the balcony to soak up the incredible views, the culture here makes it a wonderful place to work.

What new skills have you developed / are you developing?
Although I have only been here a few weeks I have already learnt so much. Ranging from the company's key philosophies, the ins and outs of how the tech works and the future goals the company aims to achieve. Working closely with so many creative people has already got me thinking about every little piece of work I do and how it will affect the end goal, making me more critical of my work, as well as open minded to new ideas.