So you've prepared for your interview and now you're ready to head down to Newcastle Quayside and get started. Here's our tips for making a great impression on the day and giving yourself the best chance of landing that dream role at ZeroLight.

Body Language

Don't let nerves get the better of you! Smile and make eye contact. Ensure your handshake is firm and confident. Don't fidget as this will distract from what you are saying. If you have prepared properly, then you'll know your stuff and don't have anything to worry about.

Take your time

If you aren't sure about a question, ask the interviewer to repeat it and take your time to think about the answer. Think about what you are being asked and what outcome they might be leading you towards. You may be tempted to give your prepared examples to whatever question you are asked. If there is an opportunity to get these in take it, but think carefully first about what is being asked of you.

If you can't answer a question, don't let this stall the interview. Simply ask if you can take some time to think about it and either go back to it at the end of the interview or even email your thoughts afterwards. At ZeroLight we're not focussed on snap answers and saying the right things in the moment, we'd rather you go away to think and coming back with a considered response.


It's a good idea to have a few questions prepared for the close of the interview. Questions like ‘What do you enjoy about working at ZeroLight?' are always effective as they make the interviewer open-up and express their own views on the company. You'll find when you do your research that genuine questions will spring up on the company's future goals or how the company is structured and where your role would fit. Expressing curiosity will certainly be a positive element of your interview.

After the Interview

Follow up your interview with a quick email to either your interviewers (if you have their contact details) or the Talent Development Manager, thanking them for their time. Take the opportunity to let them know that you're happy to answer any further questions they may have and you look forward to hearing the outcome.