Engage customers in the upper funnel

Simple 3D for product discovery

3D explorer

Removing barriers between the customer and the car

A ZeroLight 3D Explorer uses cloud-rendered 3D with integrated UI to create a simple, interactive experience where the emphasis is on accessibility and product discovery, rather than full and comprehensive configuration.

Creative freedom

Once the distinction between the car and the user interface is removed, an array of creative options and ideas are made possible for the customer experience.

Designers are empowered to break free of a car configurator’s typical UX and UI constraints, enabling them to explore new ways to showcase, demonstrate and sell car’s features and benefits; such as the ZeroLight concept shown.

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Innovative Menus, Community Integration

Implement rich animations and visuals within the scene for product discovery, enhancing the experience of seeing and selecting options.

Integrate community and social data in a visually engaging way to help guide the customer’s decisions by highlighting popular, relevant and suggested add-ons.


Direct interaction with the car

Bring the customer closer to the car by placing interaction options directly in the scene, such is shown in this ZeroLight concept. Open doors, boot, storage and more by clicking on UI attached to those elements.

Integrate smaller selections of configuration options into in-scene menus to reduce the complexity of the customer’s exploration of the car.


Showcase and Demonstrate

Create an engaging and interactive way to showcase the capabilities of the car.

Demonstrate key features with dynamic animations and information feature spots which engage the customer and promote upsell.


Digital Decisions

Online Research and the Upper Funnel

With up to 14 separate brands being explored by new-car buyers researching online, an interactive and captivating landing page is key for engaging customers in this highly influential phase of their journey. A 3D Explorer achieves exactly this, differentiating from competitors and promoting more time on-site and more time engaging with the car.

New Car Buyers

Purchase a different brand to their first search

Source: 5 Auto Shopping Moments

Car Buyers

Enter the market unsure of which car to buy.

Source: 5 Auto Shopping Moments


Are explored by new car buyers in the market

Source: The Car-Buying Process

Integrated with your online configurator

A smooth transition for customers and brands

  • 1. Advert
  • 2. Explorer
  • 3. Configurator

Connect your marketing content with the start of your 3D Explorer, creating a smooth transition for your online customers from advertising to product discovery.

Start your online configurator with the exact car from the customer’s 3D Explorer session, creating consistency and an accessible start to the full configuration process.

Part of the ZeroLight Omnichannel

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