Engage customers and sell smarter. Advanced 3D configurators for every dealership.

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design, safety and infotainment features with animations and demonstrations


every model, specification, paints, options and accessories


personalised brochures and take aways


data points and analytics


content, features and models online from the cloud


the car from any angle inside or out


configurations through social networks


the car driving with a virtual test drive


Virtual Showroom is a multiplatform solution that supports a wide range of display devices, making it suitable for any floor space, budget or usage requirement.

Virtual showroom screens


  • 4K Ultra HD

  • 1080p

  • Projectors

  • Video Walls

Virtual showroom touch screens


  • Touch Tables

  • Kiosks

  • Tablets

  • Mobile

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality

  • Oculus Rift

  • HTC Vive

  • Samsung Gear VR

  • Google Cardboard


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ZeroLight specialises in interactive digital solutions for the automotive industry but our technology is applicable to a broad range of sectors. In particular, any industry which experiences challenges in showcasing and selling highly configurable products, items that are large or difficult to transport or are built to order could especially benefit from a ZeroLight Virtual Showroom.
Virtual Showroom uses the ZeroLight real-time 3D visualisation engine allowing it to achieve both high-end visual quality and engaging, interactive features. Multiplatform capability allows Virtual Showroom to run on a wide variety of devices from standard Windows PCs to touch screens and virtual reality devices. This combination of high visual quality with advanced interactive features, together with a multiplatform capability makes ZeroLight’s virtual showroom a unique and highly effective solution.
A ZeroLight Virtual Showroom can play an important role in converting customers at key stages of their buying journey. At the discovery phase a Virtual Showroom in a pop shop, dealership or flagship store allows customers to explore the range, models and options available to better understand each against their needs, promoting conversion to test drive and specification. During the specification phase an engaging digital configuration of the car promotes conversion to sale and higher spec purchases. Before the customer even enters the buying funnel, Virtual Showroom is an effective addition to marketing and branding events.
Virtual showroom makes two big contributions to the strength of the dealer network. Firstly, it allows OEMs to close open points in the dealer network with digital-format stores and pop up shops in urban locations and secondly it enhances the dealership offering by giving customers the opportunity to use advanced 3D configurators during their visit.
ZeroLight VR powers commercial solutions on a wide range of VR devices, from Virtual Reality rooms powered by HTC Vive, advanced Oculus experiences and mobile-powered solutions utilising devices like Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. The variety of easy to use options and use-cases means VR can be suitable for any customer touch point. To learn more about how ZeroLight solutions work with virtual reality and how we work as a specialist virtual reality developer for high end commercial experiences, visit our ZeroLight VR page.
Virtual showroom is charged on a per-install license basis, allowing every dealership the opportunity to benefit from an advanced 3D configurator experience.
Audi, Pagani and several other unannounced clients use Virtual Showroom in their dealer networks. We have also completed projects with Jaguar Land Rover using Virtual Showroom technology.
After contacting us and understanding your needs the next step is to perform a data check with your existing 3D models. This will allow us to establish a data pipeline from your existing data and systems into ZeroLight, enabling the use of Virtual Showroom.


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