Deliver the full potential of VR for your business

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the best HMD for your use case and requirements


from VR design expertise for a good customer experience


custom UX and UI for a unique brand experience


a responsive virtual product experience


the potential of VR with a premium, proven experience


with simple effective controls


existing 3D model data for virtual reality


a realistic, digital product with lifelike movement, sound and behaviour


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Augmented Reality

The specialised software that makes ZeroLight VR the premium solution for commercial virtual reality can be applied to Augmented Reality applications. ZeroLight’s joined-up approach to AR and VR solutions avoids the risks of development silos.

Head Mounted Display

ZeroLight VR supports HMDs both for PC-powered and Mobile-powered VR experiences with best-in-class performance from each.

HTC Vive

Configurable 5 Million Polygon 3D models at 90Hz with low latency

Oculus Rift

Configurable 5 Million Polygon 3D models at 90Hz with low latency

Samsung Gear VR

3D stereoscopic-effect images stored or generated in real-time online

Google Cardboard

3D stereoscopic-effect images stored or generated in real-time online


The unique combination of a high frame rate, low latency and high graphical quality makes ZeroLight VR the premium VR solution for commercial use. ZeroLight is further set apart from other virtual reality developers by our VR-specific design expertise and a proven capability to deliver large, complex projects.
ZeroLight VR works with both PC-powered headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well as Mobile-powered headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Each HMD has its own benefits and strengths and we can work with you to understand which is best for your use case. Where a single HMD isn’t suitable for every showroom in the global dealer network, ZeroLight VR’s cross-platform capability means multiple HMD’s can be supported without the risks and pitfalls of separate development silos.
ZeroLight’s specialism is interactive visualisation solutions for the automotive industry however each of our solutions including ZeroLight VR can be applied to any industry that would benefit from the exploration and customisation of highly detailed models in a virtual world. The same technology and design expertise that makes ZeroLight VR the world’s most advanced virtual reality solution for the automotive industry can be applied to other industries to bring a best-in-class solution.
ZeroLight VR is very simple to use and is designed with the end interaction in mind, whether it’s between showroom staff and customers or for use at home. The user interface of both the virtual reality experience and any supporting tablet/PC applications is designed to be simple but with powerful features. Anyone with experience of using a Windows PC or phone/tablet Apps will be able to use a ZeroLight VR solution.
We understand that every OEM and brand has their own requirements for how their brand is represented and how they engage with their customers. ZeroLight VR enables custom UX, UI, visual style, features and more so that each virtual reality experience can look and feel unique.
Both ZeroLight VR and Virtual Showroom use the same advanced virtual reality technology that make them premium solutions. While Virtual Showroom’s emphasis is on providing a digital configuration solution which can showcase every feature, combination or specification in stunning real-time 3D, this is not always a requirement for a virtual reality experience. ZeroLight VR’s emphasis is on experience-led projects that deliver digital engagement and provide unique moments with a brand and a product.


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