Beautiful scenes brought to life with real-time

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Design that creates the perfect look and feel.
Technology that brings the scene to life.

At ZeroLight, we build environments that capture the essence of a car’s proposition, that communicate the feeling, excitement and benefits that customers should see in the car.

Creating the right feeling about the car and the brand starts with the environment. A scene that achieves the right look, feel and emotion is key for engaging the target audience and supporting the pillars of your brand, campaign and model.

The environment creation service is available to all clients. Each scene is optimised for use across the entire ZeroLight omnichannel.

Creating Beautiful Scenes

Real-Time Reflections
& Shadows

Physical Based

High Res 360 Degree


Bringing the Scene to Life

Dynamic Events, Effects
& Animations


Fully Generated, Highly
Tessellated Terrain

Laser Scanned Roads
& Surroundings

Environment Project Examples

Night Sequences

Use night sequences to showcase the car in a different light.


Demonstrate the car out on the road with simulation quality physics.

Dynamic Movement

Add user activated dynamic movement and animation to the scene.


ZeroLight environments are live, real-time 3D scenes that can contain dynamic elements, animations and lighting. Rather than static backplates, they are interactive areas in which the user can move around freely.
Yes, users can switch between scenes to showcase the car/product in different environments. Real-time lighting and reflections mean that different scenes can give a different look and feel to the car.
Environment design and concepting is determined by the personality, audience and objectives of the car and brand. We work closely with our clients to capture the essence and values of the car in the environments we build to give customers the right feel and emotion.
Yes we can complete on-location shoots for you, we also have a catalogue of available shots and locations available to use. Contact us to find more.
Yes, ZeroLight environments support full simulation quality driving scenes allowing cars to be showcased out on the road.
ZeroLight experiences are best when they use a ZeroLight created environment however we can integrate with environments created by other agencies and teams. This process works best when collaborating from the start of the process, in the creative and concept stages.


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